Suvi Canister
Suvi Canister

Suvi Canister

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The Suvi Canister offers endless possibilities for use in your home. On your kitchen counter, it can gracefully hold cinnamon sticks, dried herbs, or other small ingredients, keeping them readily accessible while adding a touch of natural beauty to your culinary space.

Alternatively, place it on your bathroom vanity to store cotton swabs, q-tips, or other grooming essentials, combining practicality with a refined aesthetic. Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, the Suvi Canister showcases the inherent elegance of teakwood. Its smooth surface, rich tones, and unique grain patterns add a sense of sophistication to any setting, elevating the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom decor.

Approximate Dimensions (W x H): 4.5" x 3"

*Due to the handmade technique used to create this piece, no two are the same. Slight differences in colors, pits, spots, and dimensions are intentional and should be expected. This is a one-of-one piece created exclusively for you.*

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